All you have to do is to believe. But I'm tired of trying. All energy is running out of my system and all I can do is fall down. Say something, say something that seems to be the right thing. Just in this moment, I don't want to guess whats on your mind. I need to find something that seems like you. I need to find you. You're the one that can find the truth in me and lift me up. All this time I've wasted to found something that feels real, but just is fake. I don't need anything that seems right at this very moment. I need the one that seems right for the rest of my life. All the summer nights that will be spended together with you, so the time will stand still. That's what I'm looking for. The right feeling. When will it come? I want to find the fields that we will run through togehter until we can't run no more. 


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